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SiteGround supports Freelancecamp 2020

Scritto da Alessandra Farabegoli il 29 Maggio 2020
I'm proud to announce that SiteGround keeps on supporting the Freelancecamp also during these crazy times; and today I'm going to introduce you to Tsveta Stefanova, who works in SiteGround as Events Team Manager and whom I hope to meet in person, sooner or later, to toast at our year-long remote working experience

So nice to meet you and SiteGround again at Freelancecamp! Can you tell us something about your role at SiteGround?

Great catching up with you, too! I’ve been with SiteGround for over 6 years now. Started off as the 10th person in the Marketing department, which means we all did more than one thing and helped each other out. Which, in hindsight, was a fantastic opportunity to learn and be truly involved. As we grew, I focused primarily on Events and am currently SiteGround’s Events Team Manager.

How is SiteGround handling this Coronavirus situation? How has it affected your organization and strategies?

To be fair, I am very proud of the way SiteGround approached and is handling this uncomfortable-for-everybody situation. We’ve been working remotely since mid-March and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future until we make sure the coronavirus threat is over. What I can say is that SiteGrounders are really being taken care of: we have organized different sports activities, games, clubs, get-togethers, all of which are held online, but make a huge difference team-spirit-wise.

As to our Events strategy, sure it’s affected, but I find this to be more of a challenge (in the positive sense) than anything else. Of course we all miss the actual human interaction during events, but this is an opportunity to improve our virtual events strategy. 

Have you ever worked as a freelancer? If so, what about your experience? Has it helped you now that you are working in a company?

I have not. I have friends who are freelancers, if that counts as an experience :) What I do think though, regardless if you are a freelancer or work in a company, is that discipline and proactiveness are your best helpers.

You’ve never attended a Freelancecamp in person, how does this event look from the outside?

True, I have not. It’s on the list, probably not this year, but it’s definitely on the attend-list. Actually I’ve always been intrigued by it. I am a very social person, so networking is right up my alley. I also believe networking is the essence of events. Over the years of our partnership, I’ve noticed Freelancecamp invests a lot to stimulate that (while providing quality content), so to sum up: definitely an A-list event.

Your wish for the end of 2020 is…

I want to be able to say that I made the most out of it. To say that I learned something new, that it changed me in a good way. I believe I am on track with that thanks to my family, friends, and colleagues.

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